Saturday, 26 November 2011

Disney history & characters

Walter Elias Disney was born in 1901 was an animator that set the foundation of Disney films and is the initial soul and mastermind behind Walt Disney, he created characters that would become some of the largest names in film and animation.  The most popular character that Disney created is Mickey Mouse, whose popularity would help fund Disney. And would prove to be their most useful asset.

Mickey Mouse first appear on May 15th 1928 in the animated film dubbed “plane crazy” which was a “sound cartoon” which also featured a number of characters that would appear in future animations being Minnie Mouse, Pete and Carolyn Cow. Mickey Mouse’s design would change over time to make him more appealing to the ever changing time and target audiences the character would change a great deal over the years he has existed for (although I prefer the 3 earliest designs the most).
        Mickey Mouse - changes & development
        Mickey Mouse - changes & development 2

In contrast to Mickey Mouse there are many other Disney characters that have completely different characters that are nothing like Mickey Mouse, The two most known being Goofy and Donald Duck(Donald Fauntleroy Duck). Goofy is a very cheerful clumsy character that has long limbs and doesn’t seem very intelligent while Donald Duck is very easy to anger and quite irritable. Donald Duck as changed quite a bit over the years, at first he appears to be a trickster but in more modern animation he seems to be more impatient and faster to get violent. Either way he’s nothing like Mickey Mouse almost a complete opposite.
Donald Duck - changes & development

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