Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Other Hollywood cartoon stars

In class we looked at other characters that become popular that weren't Disney characters.
Felix the cat
Felix the cat
Felix the cat was first created by the cartoonist Otto Messmer. Straight away Felix became popular and was as famous as or even more famous than the silent comedians of the time. The first film Felix appeared in was “Feline Folloies”. Soon after this Felix’s name become known worldwide. Felix is known to be the first cartoon super star and is based on Charlie Chaplin who also appeared in the episode “ Felix in Hollywood(1923)”.

Otto Messmer

Felix the cat in "Feline Folloies(1919)"

A funny animation, this was the first appearance of Felix in an animated film. I think this animation is quite interesting even though the animation quality isn’t as good as the work that would follow.

Felix the cat in "Felix in Hollywood(1923)"

I very much liked this episode mostly because of the silent comedy and the fact Felix runs into a few stars of the time.  I also liked the way the story unfolded as well as the expression changed done by Felix.I don’t think it needed text to help tell the story as I could understand what was going on without reading it.

Koko the clown
KoKo the clown

 KoKo the clown was created by the animator Max Fleischer.  KoKo was created along the same time Max Fleischer created the rotoscope. The rotoscope was used to take human moments and put them onto a cartoon. Max Fleischer used he’s brother dressed as a clown to create KoKo the clown.
In 1919 the animation”out of the inkwell” was created under the studio John Bray Studios.  After this KoKo became quite popular and Max Fleischer was able to set up a studio called Fleischer Studios. The animations KoKo would star in would usually combine both life action and animation and would have both the animated character KoKo the clown and Max Fleischer in the same film and world usually interacting with each other.

KoKo the clown in "Out of the inkwell"

I very much like the way the animations featuring KoKo the clown feature interaction between humans and the drawings.  Almost as if the drawings are able to go between worlds.


Betty Boop
Betty Boop

Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer in the 1930’s. I find her a bit different than all the other cartoon characters created around her time. Betty Boop was created to be a sexy character which was acceptable because she’s only a cartoon character but around those times anything done by a human actress that was slightly sexy would be looked down upon. Betty Boop is also looked at being one of the first cartoon sex symbols because of the things she could do that wouldn’t be acceptable if done by a human. Betty Boop first appears in the animated cartoon “Dizzy Dishes”.
Helen Kane and Clara Bow are two people who Betty Boop may have been created from since they all share similar traits and were all active during that time period. In April 1934 Helen Kane filed a lawsuit against Fleischer Studios for $250,000 claiming that Betty Boop was stealing her fans by acting just like her. Everything down to the voices are very similar.

 Helen Kane in " I have to have you"

Betty Boop in " Dizzy Dishes"

 Just by watching these two videos i can see the similarities. between Betty Boop and Helen Kane.

Popeye the Sailor

Popeye is a cartoon fictional character created by Elzie Crisler Segar.Popeye started appearing in animated cartoons in 1933 and was released by Paramount Pictures. Popeye is one of the most memorable cartoon characters because of he’s unique looks, he has a Popeye, smoking pipe, big forearms and a sailor suit. Popeye also influenced children to eat spinach because in the animated series by eating Spanish Popeye is able to gains incredible strength.

Popeye as he appears in he’s first animated episode
I’m a big fan of the Popeye the Sailor cartoon series, this episode is especially funny there is even a cameo by Betty Boop doing a dance identical to one seen in one episode of Betty Boop's cartoon show.