Saturday, 11 February 2012

Continuation of a look a Hollywood characters

We look at other popular characters in Hollywood and the animations that they were in. We looked at Fred Averys animation work and we noticed a style to he’s animations, they all had over exaggerated characters and physical jokes that where very similar to the physical jokes that where in the Tom and Jerry series.
The Red Hot Riding Hood animation is a perfect example of how similar the physical comedy is.
                                                          Red Hot Riding Hood (1943) 
 In this animation the characters are all over exaggerated and the comedy style is usually quite physical.

Another example we looked at was Ventriloquist Cat. The animation is about a mischievous cat that hates dogs and he’s pulling pranks on a dog using a device he find that allows him to project he’s voice. The comedy style is very violent.
                                                    Tex Avery - Ventriloquist Cat (1950)
This was my favorite animation of he’s work because I liked the moral of the story and I also found it really funny.


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