Thursday, 12 January 2012

Warner Brothers

 We looked at the animations and characters created by Warner Brothers. We looked at Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny and Daffy duck.
Early design for Daffy Duck
Updated Daffy Duck design that is now used
Here is the early designs used for Bugs Bunny that we were shown during the lecture
design development for Bugs Bunny
 In this image we see the changes and development that Warner brothers did to the character.

This is the video clip we was going to be shown

                                                                      Bugs Bunny in: A Wild Hare

This is an early animation of bug’s bunny. I liked how the animations used by Warner Bros if very physical and has lots of suspense, especially this video but at the same time it’s funny.

When I got home I watch some more Warner Brothers animations

                                                                 Operation: Rabbit (1952) - Bugs Bunny
In this animation Bugs Bunny makes a cameo appearance and meets Wile E. Coyote and the two of them do some wacky things.

I like this animation because it’s rare for two characters from different series come together for an episode, this mixed two different comedy styles and the result was something fresh.


I decided to watch another cross-over show done by Warner brothers, this one features Bugs Bunny and the Tasmanian devil.

Bedevilled Rabbit

 Not a bad animation story wise, I didn’t really find the jokes that funny. This pair of characters also had a pair of ps1 games.

                                                         Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time (PSX) - Commercial

 The game was didn’t make any sense at times.


 After from the more well known cartons I looked at, I also looked at 2 other shows, Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited.

 Batman beyond

                                                                             Opening to batman beyond

This is the opening for the animated series Batman Beyond that aired on the anime and cartoon TV channel Toonami. The series itself was interesting although the new batman wasn’t as badass and the story was weak. As for the animation it was the same level as Loony Toons only with a different art style.


Justice League Unlimited

                                                 Opening credits to the show Justice League Unlimited

Another show that aired on Toonami was Justice League Unlimited, the animation in the series is a lot like the art is quite similar to the Batman Beyond series. 


The last video I looked at was a clip from the film who framed roger rabbit

In the scene I watched Donald Duck and Daffy duck from Warner brothers and Walt Disney characters fight it out during a piano face off. It’s rare but characters from two different animation studios appear in this film, this is my favourite moment in the film.

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